About World MMA Gear

World MMA gear™ - Exclusive carrier of Muay Thai athletic gear, we provide the sporting equipment of the Determined and Dedicated. Fighting with “the art of eight limbs” requires not only the dexterity of the athlete, but also the dexterity of his or her athletic gear. As a full contact fighter, customers want to be confident that our gear is strong enough to withstand all forms of combat. We make sure this provision is a guarantee.

We manufacture products in the homeland of the sport, Thailand, and supplies materials straight from the hands of craftsman. The brand offers a wide variety of products, such as handcrafted Muay Thai shorts, MMA shorts, elbow pads, ankle guards and T-shirts. Clothing features unique, handmade styles proven to endure hardship. Premium-grade cloth is only selected, with special attention given to the detailed craftsmanship. The brand carries a wide range of sizes, from XS to 6XL. As most stores do not carry such a variety, we are go-to destination for any Muay Thai need.

To support the Muay Thai sporting industry, we also provide special services exclusive to gym owners and other athletic venues. we offer OEM, specifically designed Muay Thai Shorts with personalized logos under their specified brand name.

As the historic sport of Muay Thai calls athletes who are disciplined in both body and mind, we ensure the same in their customer service staff. We are proud of our attentive team, ensuring every product is fabricated against the highest standards in the market. We are proud of our reputation to never compromise on the highest level of quality for our customers. 

Our main focus is you, our customers, all fighters, beginners of novice, and this is a privilege to be at your service at any time with any demand, HONOR and RESPECT are the codes we are following, in fight and in business.