The Fairtex HG13 headgear features a hook-shaped forehead to create a triangular protection zone between the forehead and the cheeks. The thick padding on the forehead, cheek and back straps offers maximum protection. The diagonal field of view eliminates the blind spots found in the standard boxing head guard.
The HG13 model enables better peripheral vision and maximizes protection. Constructed with multiple layers of high-density foam for optimal shock absorption. The outside of the head guard is firm, while the inside is soft to improve comfort.
There are two models of Fairtex HG13 Diagonal View Headgear available; full head covering and lace-up. The lace-up version allows for additional size modification, while the full head covering provides the top of the head with additional protection.
  • Fairtex Diagonal View Lace-Up or Full cover Version Head Guard
  • Thicker padding on forehead, cheek, and rear straps for maximum protection
  • Eliminates blind spots found in standard head guard, allowing better peripheral vision while still providing maximum safety.
  • Hook-shaped forehead creates a triangular safety zone of protection between forehead and cheeks.
  • Weight: 580 g. Hard outside but soft inside for maximum comfort.
  • Made from 100% Thai leather

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