These Boxing Gloves by Fairtex are Limited edition and were specifically designed for GLORY by traditional Thai artist Ruk Lertjitsakool, who is renowned for his work in traditional Thai art with his pieces displayed in temples across the country. 

Since 1971, Fairtex has a reputation as a top producer of Muay Thai equipment and Martial arts gear.


GLORY Kickboxing has partnered with Fairtex Fight Gear to bring you these highest-quality training gloves that are flawless for everyday use in the gym. Every pair is handmade in Thailand and designed to provide the best fit, best workout, and help foster good technique.


Handmade from top-quality leather in Thailand.


Fairtex Boxing Gloves Glory BGVG2 Specifications:

• Authentic Glory Competition Boxing Gloves, as seen on the TV. Used during official events of the largest kickboxing organization in the world.
• Fairtex has produced exclusive official Glory competition gloves by designing a modified version of the classic Fairtex BGVG2 boxing gloves with laces worn by the world's best fighters.
• The padding has been redesigned to achieve a more consistent weight and lighter feel.
• The thumb stitch is removed from the glove to maximize safety.
• The wrists of the glove are expertly connected with flat stitching that demonstrates the unrivaled craftsmanship of the glove.
• The boxing gloves equipped with a Velcro closure, making them more suitable for training and sparring, compared to the laced version.



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