The new Fairtex Gym Bag Duffle Bag BAG14 is super lightweight. Using the same reflective grey material as the Fairtex Cross Body Bag and Fairtex Backpack, this Duffle Bag is perfect for daily use.

Heavy-duty hardware keeps it durable like the rest of Fairtex’s bags. Nylon straps and handles, metal hooks, and wide tooth zippers make sure it can keep up with all your gear.

The Fairtex Duffle Bag is a cylinder shape. It has 1 long, adjustable shoulder strap from one end of the bag to the other. You can easily remove this shoulder strap using the metal strap hooks.

There are also 2 medium size handles towards the center of the bag. These straps are a fixed length and permanently stitched to the bag. A small handle is at the end of the bag makes it easy to pull this bag out of a locker or trunk.

There are 2 zipper compartments on the outside of the bag. One mesh pocket along the side, in-between the medium-sized straps, and one opaque pocket at the end of the bag.

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