Fairtex Shin Guards SP8 are the best Shin Pads for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA training. They use strong Syntek Leather, along with two layers of high-density foam help to disperse impact. An ergonomic design helps to minimize sliding and movement while training. Compared to previous models of Fairtex shin guards, the SP8 model offers extended lateral protection of the knee joint. Moving the knee protector to the side of the pads allows for better movement and defense against devastating kicks to the knee. These shinguards can also accommodate a larger calf width than other models because the shin pad area is wider than most. 

These Shin Guards feature a “bridge system” similar to the Fairtex SP7 Shin Guards. This system’s ergonomic design offers ankle support while preventing pressure and irritation to the top of the foot. The shin and toe protector can be adjusted (up or down, left or right) up to 180 degrees for superior comfort and protection. Soft piping on the turn-up of the foot protector to maximize comfort and protection. They are ideal for Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and other combat sports where toe kicks are possible (like Karate and Taekwondo). 

These Shin Guards available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. There are 2 adjustable Velcro straps at the back of the shin to customize the fit. The Velcro adjustment does not have a metal loop, making these shin pads suitable for amateur competition. 

A durable, cotton microfiber lining helps to provide a comfortable and movement free fit. The surface in contact with your shin and foot is stitching free to prevent irritation.

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