Fairtex HG10 Super Sparring Headgear provides extensive coverage, including neck, cheek, and chin protection. Without impairing vision, the HG10 headgear offers more padding on the forehead, cheek, and back strap compared to previous versions. A secure fit across the throat is provided by the contoured chin protector. Windshields around the ear provide additional protection on the side of the head while essentially simulating headgear for amateur competition.

Constructed for maximum shock absorption with several layers of high-density foam. In order to enhance comfort, the outside of this headgear is firm, while the inside is delicate.

The Fairtex HG10 headgear is available in black, red, white, or blue. We offer this equipment in medium, large and extra-large sizes. The size can be adjusted to fit perfectly with the lace-up closure at the top of the headgear and the padded hook and the back loop closure. These features help ensure a secure fit and optimize the level of protection.

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