If you are looking for the very best, don't settle for anything less than the NEW Superior Muay Thai Pads

Now made from 100% premium cowhide leather, same as KPLC2, just better in every aspect, unbeatable, heavy-duty pads.

  • Why KPLS2 is the best? Unlike KPLC2 where not all made from cowhide leather, KPLS2 is ALL made of leather, including the straps, piping, and forearm pads which help reduce their cost without compromising strength.
  • Superior Muay Thai kick pads are for the uncompromising top. So, if you are looking for the ultimate perfection in high-end kick pads, KPLS2 is for you.
  • Ergonomically fit forearm of trainer due to the curve. Easier to hold and stay more balanced during training.
  • Lighter weight and a smooth finish with a much firmer feel compared to the standard model for those looking for more shin conditioning qualities. Soft pads on the head designed for the trainer to jab and hook. Come with padded straps and forearm support for the maximum comfort of the trainer.
  • Measures: Length 15” (38 cm), Width 8” (20 cm), Depth 4” (10 cm), Weight (Pair) 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

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